Behind the Scenes

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Zhang Weijie

Johns Hopkins University

Weijie is going on to his 3rd year and doing a double major in Biology and Political Science under a PSC Overseas Merit Scholarship (OMS). He is the Vice President for JHU's SSA. His most memorable overseas experience was of cycling 4,000 miles across the US (from Baltimore to San Francisco) with the Hopkins 4K for Cancer to raise money and awareness for cancer patients.

Qi Yue

Johns Hopkins University

Qiyue is going on her 2nd year and doing a major in Biomedical Engineering and a minor in psychology under the A*STAR BS-Phd scholarship. She is the treasurer for JHU's SSA. Her most memorable overseas experience was being trapped in a cabin for a day during a ski trip, because of a heavy blizzard.

University of Wisconsin-Madison (UWM)

Lim Xinhong

Xinhong is on to his 2nd year of studies in Biochemistry under the augur of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) BS-PhD Research Scholarship. He is the Public Relations Director of the UWMSSA. Xinhong's most memorable moment in the US would be flying a kite on the MIT fields as the sun slowly sets, and cooking much missed Singaporean dishes in his cramped dorm room with just a small pot and a hotplate.

University of Pennsylvania

Jasmin will be starting her 3rd year at the University of Pennsylvania to complete her degrees in Bioengineering and Economics. She is a PSC Overseas Merit Scholar and is the President of the UPenn SSA. Her favorite memory overseas was a whirlwind 2 week road trip up to Eastern Canada with a loved one where she discovered the Hopewell Rocks' beauty in New Brunswick.

Chia Poh Hui

University of Wisconsin-Madison (UWM)

Poh Hui is entering her 2nd year and doing a degree in Biochemistry under the Agency for Science, Technology and Research BS-PhD Research Scholarship. Poh Hui's most unforgettable memories are wandering the streets of New York city in the middle of the night after a superb jazz performance and eating ice cream at subzero temperatures in winter, knowing that the ice cream will never melt.

University of Virginia

Helen Ang

Helen will be starting her 2nd year this upcoming semester, majoring in Economics. She also intends to major in Commerce (Finance) at UVA's McIntire School of Commerce in her 3rd-4th year. She is the Membership Chair for UVA's SSA. Her most memorable overseas experience was standing in the middle of a football field in front of a sell-out crowd of 60,000+ to sing the US National Anthem with the Virginia Women's Chorus during the opening ceremony of a football match.

University of Wisconsin-Madison (UWM)

Rachel Shien-Ying Teo

Rachel is entering her 2nd year in pursuit of a degree in Biochemistry under the generosity of the Economic Development Board's (EDB) scholarship. She is the President of the UWMSSA (huge acronym for a cosy SSA). Rachel's fondest memories in the US (thus far) are billowing down mountains on her snowboard and dancing with a loved one on the frozen waters of our Lake Mendota in the dead of the night.

Adeline Kooi

Cornell University

Adeline is going on to her 3rd year in Urban and Regional Studies at Cornell University, under the EDB Singapore Inc. Scholarship. She is the Welfare Head for Cornell's SSA Exco. Her most memorable experience was travelling via public transport and on foot for several days from Miami to Key West, stopping at beaches along the way and hanging out under the stars at night.

National University of Singapore

Liu Yanling

Yanling will be a third year student at the National University of Singapore this coming August. She majors in Political Science focusing particularly on the regional politics of East Asia. She is extremely interested in learning foreign languages and is currently learning Japanese traditional kabuki dance in college. This June she will be going on a humanitarian trip to Botswana, which will undoubtedly be the highlight of her life this year.

Vivien Lai Yiting

Cornell University

Vivien has just finished her first year. She is doing a major in Operational Research and Industrial Engineering under Infocomm Development Authority's Overseas Scholarship. Her most memorable experience in the States is visiting New Haven alone on a snowy New Year's Eve just to surprise a friend there.

Cornell University

Yiwen would have finished her final year in Electrical Engineering this May. She was the Vice-President for Cornell's SSA. Her most memorable experience was travelling in Egypt where she walked through the narrow and dark tunnels to reach the catacombs of the Great Pyramids of Egypt and saw both sunset and sunrise when camping in the White Desert.

Johns Hopkins University

Wen Qi is going on to do her 3rd year this Fall, majoring in Cellular & Molecular Biology. She is the President of the JHU SSA. Her most memorable overseas experience is volunteering at the Baltimore Soup Kitchen, a completely volunteer run organization, serving donated food to queues of poor people and learning how important serving with a smile means to them.

Kenneth Lau

Cornell University

Kenneth is going on to his 2nd year in Architecture in Cornell University, under the Singapore Technologies Pte Ltd Overseas Scholarship. His most memorable experience is of welding metal poles overnight at minus 10 degrees on a 40-foot metal dragon for Cornell's Dragon Day Festival.

Karen Lee

Boston University

Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree, Karen will be entering her 2nd year of study at BostonUniversity. Her most memorable experiences so far include paintballing with fellow Boston University and MIT Singaporeans in Springfield in October and surviving the bitter winter in Boston with temperatures hitting a low of -30 degrees Celcius.

Chia Jiun Wei

Cornell University

Jiun Wei is an freshman student at Cornell University studying Physics and Computer Science under an OMS (Teaching) scholarship. So far, his most memorable experience has been sticking through the winter in Ithaca.