Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Matters

1. How can I join RP as a member?

Listen out for announcements that are made regarding productions at the beginning of the year. Or, you can call up the teachers in charge, in staffroom 1 (Ms Quah Seok Whee X139 or Ms Mabel Chia X136)

2. Is RP a core CCA?

RP is not a core CCA but it has both core members and merit members. Merit members are recruited from sec 1s while core members from sec 2s and above.

3. What are the criteria to be a core member of RP?

Core members must have been involved in drama productions either as cast or crew (preferably for RP or drama feste). They must have potential and good attitude.

4. If I become a core member of RP, what will happen to my original core CCA membership?

You can either request for a transfer of membership from your original core CCA to RP as your core CCA, or you can continue with your original core CCA and have 2 core CCAs. However, note that the schedule for both CCAs are likely to clash.


5. What are some of the RP productions?

a. There are 2 main productions in a year:

  • School Annual Production in April
  • Inter-House Drama Feste in July

b. There are also ad hoc small-scale productions in the course of the year, and these could be held during recess or lunchtime.

6. What is the rehearsal schedule like?

The rehearsal schedule intensifies progressively, beginning 3 months before each production. The following is a typical schedule:

  • 3 mths to production — 2 times a week
  • 2 mths to production — 3 times a week
  • 1 mth to production — 4 times a week
  • Production week — 5 times a week

Days: Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
Time: 4 pm — 7 pm (weekday); 10 am — 6 pm (Sat)
Depending on the venue, technical and dress rehearsals could be held after 7 pm.