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Theatre entices. As an audience, you are drawn into a make-belief world where characters pacing the stage engage your sympathy; where the story unfolding before you compels your attention; and when the whole production comes together, through the judicious complementing of costumes, sets and lights, it is even more enjoyable.

For the cast and crew to ensure that the magic of the theatre is sustained, the process has to be demanding. For the actors, lines have to be memorised, the character portrayed must be credible, and the inter-play of relationships has to be convincing. As for the production crew, resourcefulness has to be harnessed and creativity is stretched. Yet all know that they will have to persist for they, more than anyone else, are aware of the Muse they have to please.

The signature style of Raffles Players encapsulates elements of ensemble multi role-taking, imaginative physicality and minimalist theatre. It builds on the school’s ethos of collaborative teamwork, and the development of an all-rounder through opportunities in performing, production and writing. Ofttimes, limitations are imposed to stimulate creative expressions which strive to engage with contemporary appeal but without compromising on artistic integrity.