About Myself

The Official Biography


My name is Jiun Wei Chia. When I’m not busy with work, I can usually be found playing with something related to board games or technology. Some of my other interests include video games, tabletop RPGs and Internet culture.

I’m a graduate in Physics and Computer Science from Cornell University under an Overseas Merit Scholarship (Teaching) awarded by the Public Service Commission of Singapore. I currently work for the Ministry of Education in hopes of enhancing Computer Education for secondary school students in Singapore.

Contacting Me

If you are interested in hiring me for web development work or if you have noticed a mistake on this website, please contact me at . You can also leave a comment on this site, which I should check regularly.

Note that I am sometimes prone to be tardy with my responses, so if you need a reply straight away, don’t hesitate to pester me a bit by any means possible.

About this Site


The domain friendsonly.org was originally bought in 2005 for the purpose of putting in-development sites online for various clients to access and evaluate. Since most of my clients at that time were friends or people I knew personally, the name friendsonly.org seemed natural and witty. This blog, however, is not (for the most part) friends-only.


This site was designed on a MacBook using Adobe Photoshop CS. It runs on WordPress using a custom template adapted from the default design and modified by hand using TextMate.

After a long hiatus, the template and content for this site was updated in January 2016 using Sublime Text 3 on a MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid-2012).